HDP IMS Premium Pressed Rawhide Bone 6.5″ Pack Size:Pack of 24 Review

HDP IMS Premium Pressed Rawhide Bone 6.5

  • Tartar Control
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Satisfies dog’s natural urge to chew
  • Heavier than regular rawhide
  • Perfect for the power chewer

Superior Quality Pressed Rawhide Lasts 5 times Longer

100% cowhide, formed by “welding” numerous layers of rawhide with colossal pressure to make chews which are heavier and more dense than regular rawhide.The outer layer of hide, is much thicker and will conform to its supposed shape. Due to being tightly rolled, a key benefit to pressed rawhide is in its tendency to last longer giving the dog greater chewing satisfaction and allowing for better digestibility. Try it, you dog might like it.

  • Heavier than regular rawhide
  • No harmful chemicals or bleaching
  • Nutritious and filled with flavor
  • Perfect for the power chewer

There are no harmful chemicals or bleaching, which we believe can remove essential nutrients and decrease flavor.

Slow to soften, pressed rawhide is a great value for very active, aggressive chewers

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