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Although the cause of death was reported as cancer, Suzanne, a 47-year-old gallery-commisioned artist, is convinced that her late girlfriend, Heather Young, was murdered.

She is a Belgian Hindu who defines herself as gay. She didn’t finish school.

Physically, Suzanne is in good shape. She is very tall with chocolate skin, black hair and blue eyes.

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. Having never really known her parents, she was raised in a series of foster homes.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a novelist called Heather Crystal Young, who was 10 years older than her. Heather died in 2017.The papers reported the cause of death: ‘cancer’

Suzanne has five children with late girlfriend Heather: Ariel aged 3, Iris aged 12, Lindsay aged 16, Matthew aged 23 and Lola aged 25.

Suzanne’s best friend is a gallery-commisioned artist called Joseph Murray. They have a very firey friendship. She also hangs around with Dillon Lopez and Kiara Richards. They enjoy theatre together.